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EWIC Ethics Statement and CRP Proposal:

RMIC Ethics Statement and CRP:

Proposed JMG Appointment Doc with Comments by Pam Vavra Attorney at Law

Appointment of the Jikoji Manager Group and Acceptance of Appointment:

Jikoji Guest and Practitioner Policy:

Gopfert, Caryl:  Experiences of Betrayal in the Zen Buddhist Student/Teacher Relationship

Santa Cruz Conflict Resolution Center: A Report for Jikoji Spiritual and Resident Community
Prepared by the Conflict resolution Center October 2018

Santa Cruz Conflict Resolution Center: Tools for Effective Communication

Santa Cruz Conflict Resolution Center: Conflict Resolution in Three Easy Steps

Email Sent to Jikoji Sangha Members Expressing Concerns About Special Board Meeting

"Concerns" Document Linked Within Email Above

Why Power Brings Out Your True Self

Sociocracy For All - A one stop shop for all things sociocracy

3 paths to Self-Management - A look at different strategies for non-hierarchical management systems

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